Frequently Asked Questions

What is GATE Programme?

Government Assistance for Tuition Expenses (GATE) is a programme which provides financial assistance to citizens of Trinidad and Tobago, who are pursuing GATE-approved tertiary level programmes at public and private tertiary level institutions (local and regional). GATE Programme is managed by the Funding and Grants Administration Division of the Ministry of Tertiary Education and Skills Training (MTEST).

Can I apply for GATE funding?

You can apply for GATE funding if

  • You are a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago and stay in Trinidad and Tobago for at least 3 years (Documentary proof of citizenship and residency must be provided).

  • You have been accepted to a GATE-approved local or regional public Tertiary Level Institutions (TLI) as well as local private TLIs.

  • You are enrolled in a GATE-approved programme of study that leads to a recognised tertiary level qualification.

To view a list of GATE-approved institutions, click here.

How much funding can I receive with GATE?

Students pursuing undergraduate programmes will access funding for 100% of their tuition fees.

Students pursuing post-graduate programmes at local and regional public TLIs will access funding for 50% of their tuition fees.

Students pursuing post-graduate programmes at private TLIs will access funding for 50% of their tuition fees to a maximum of $10,000 or $5,000 for approved distance learning programmes.

Will there be any bond for GATE funding?

All students who accept GATE funds will be bound by a period of national service that will be linked to the value of the GATE funds received.

Can a part-time student apply for GATE Programme?

Yes. Part-time student can apply for GATE Programme. Part-time students who re accessing GATE may apply their current employment experience as part of their period of national service.

Are there any associated fees?

There are no fees associated with applying to GATE programme.

What is the duration of GATE funding?

GATE funding shall be accessible to students for the duration of the approved programme. Should the student fail to complete the approved programme within its stated duration, the student shall not be granted access to GATE funding for any period in excess of its standard duration, except where such duration is extended by reason of a leave of absence. Officials of the Funding and Grants Administration Division (FGAD) shall review an extension of the duration period of an approved programme by reason of extenuating circumstances on a case-by-case basis.

How can I apply for GATE funding?

You must apply for GATE funding via online GATE Application Form in GATE e-Service.

GATE e-Service:

In order to logon to GATE e-Service, you must register for GATE e-Service ID. Please proceed to register at the following GATE e-Service Registration Centres across the country:

Registration CentreAddressContact Info
ttconnect St. James #121 Western Main Road
St. James, Trinidad, West Indies.
Tel. (868) 800-8826, Option 5
ttconnect Tunapuna Ministry of Social Development Building
2nd Floor, 107 Eastern Main Road
Tunapuna, Trinidad, West Indies.
Tel. (868) 662-6447
Tel. (868) 800-8826, Option 6
Fax. (868) 663-6517
ttconnect Arima 1st Floor, Pennywise Building
10 - 10A Devenish Street
Arima, Trinidad, West Indies.
Tel. (868) 667-4465
Tel. (868) 800-8826, Option 1
Fax. (868) 667-7053
ttconnect Chaguanas #9 Southern Main Road
Chaguanas (Opposite Massy Stores)
Trinidad, West Indies.
Tel. (868) 800-8826, Option 3
ttconnect Princes Town #4 Charlotte Street,
Princes Town
Trinidad, West Indies.
Tel. (868) 800-8826, Option 4
ttconnect Bon Accord Milford Court Complex
Milford Road, Bon Accord
Tobago, West Indies.
Tel. (868) 639-0430
Tel. (868) 800-8826, Option 2
Fax. (868) 631-1853
ttconnect Sangre Grande #232 Brierley Street
Sangre Grande
Trinidad, West Indies.
Tel. (868) 800-8826,
Ext. 3014, 3115, 3135, 3235
MTEST O.N.E. Gulf City Mall Trinidad Gulf View Link Road,
La Romaine
Trinidad, West Indies.
Tel. (868) 225-7683
Tel. (868) 225-7679

Students enrolled at the following Institutions can also get registered at the listed locations:

Registration CentreLocation
MICPOS, Sangre Grande, St. Mandeleine, Point Fortin, Pleasantville, Macoya, Penal, Point-a-Pierre, Tobago (Canaan)
NESCDebe, Mayaro, Maruga, La Brea, Couva, Point Fortin, St. Madeleine, Laventille, Tobago (Goldsborough)
COSTAATTPOS, Sangre Grande, San Fernando, El Dorado, Tobago (Scarborough)
UWI/OPENSt. Augustine,San Fernando, Sangre Grande, Mayaro, Tobago (Scarborough)
THTITobago (Mt. St. George)

You must present original copy of the following documentation for identity verification:

  • Birth Certificate

  • National Identification Card or Passport (at least one of the two)

  • Deed Poll, Marriage Certificate (if necessary)

Do I need to provide any documentation for online GATE application?

You are required to upload the following documentation (in softcopy) for online GATE application submission:

  • Birth Certificate with supporting affidavit (if necessary)

  • National Identification Card or Passport (at least one of the two)

  • Marriage / Divorce Certificate (for married / divorce female student)

  • Deed Poll (for name change)

  • Latest Grade Slip or Transcript (for continuing student pursuing in the same programme)

  • Acceptance Letter from Institution (for new / continuing student pursuing in new programme)

  • Certificate of the previous Completed Programme (for continuing student pursuing in new programme)

Important Note:

Supported File Size: Up to 3MB
Supported File Types: .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .bmp, .tif, .tiff, .pdf, .doc, .docx, .txt.

What is GATE Clearance?

Your application must be approved by Clearance in order to access GATE funding. The objective of the GATE Clearance Policy is to reduce the detected abuses to the GATE programme, namely:

  • Students dropping out of programmes without valid reasons

  • Students repeatedly starting and dropping out of different programmes

  • Students switching programmes without prior approval or notification

  • Students repeating the same programmes at the TLIs

Exemption for GATE Clearance

Exemptions would be considered on an individual basis by the Ministry of Tertiary Education and Skills Training. Students seeking Exemptions should write to:

Programme Administrator
GATE Programme
Funding and Grants Administration Division (FGAD)
16 Warner Street
St Augustine
Phone No.: 645-7356

Withdrawal from a GATE Funded Programme

Students withdrawing from a Programme for which they applied/received GATE funding must inform the institution as well as the Funding and Grants Administration Division in writing. Failure to do so can jeopardise eligibility to receive GATE funding for any future programme.